And Finally, Thanks To Winter

Winter’s about to strike again and I’m excited. It’s almost March and we’re expecting 11 inches along the Wisconsin-Illinois border. The approach of snow and falling temps focuses the mind like few things can. I’m writing this in stages, while panic-buying groceries, because I can’t predict when I’ll be able to leave the house again.… Continue reading And Finally, Thanks To Winter

Tatter: Chapter Four

Previous chapter Vera Straker tensely strode the grand hall of Kryos Industries' Magnapinna Base: Progenitor. Her first time in the new wing of the compound since its completion. The sleek, uniformly concave corridors rose high and bright, creamy off-white, save the small brackish dots tucked within the thin, smooth, soaring crenellations; the alcoves of the… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Four

Ἄποφις II

The wreckage of the god-ship lies On Bakhu's shores for clever eyes With reforged fragments of the arc The architects, athwart the dark The Great Cat dead—Set is slain The Serpent twines about The Skein Holo crumbles—the pillars crack Warship moves—His demense to sack The Eater of Souls can never die But shackled shall eternal… Continue reading Ἄποφις II


Watch the clash, the battle won If lost, will never rise the sun Moves the barge, across the land Mighty Set with spear in hand Guardian of the gilded lord Horizon coils with scales to ford Comes the Serpent, from The Nile Sixteen yards—sardonic wile Cut and torn and gealdor bound He writhes and heaves… Continue reading Ἄποφις