Berlin Attack: ISIS Claims Responsibility

Aerial footage of the Berlin attack.

In the wake of atrocious terror attack in Berlin, Germany, where a lorry driver slaughter 12 people and severely injured 49 other, the islamic supremacy group, ISIS, has publicly claimed responsibility. This information was publicly stated through ISIS’s Amaq news agency which said that one of their “soldiers” was responsible.

The exact identity of the man who piloted the truck as yet remains a mystery, so it is not known definitively, as yet, whether or not this claim is in fact true or just a blustery attempt to garner hysteria from the German people’s and new recruits from members of their radicalized Muslim populace.

The German Interior Minster, Thomas de Maiziere released a public announcement stating that “several lines of investigation were being pursued.”

Regardless, the style of the attack certainly seems in keeping with ISIS’s previous terror attacks, nearly a mirror image of the Bastille Day cargo-truck attack in Nice, France which occurred earlier this very year. When will the politicians of Europe abandon their cynicism and naivete? When will they realize that their “progress” and egalitarian doctrines are creating a grand noose into which they eagerly scamper?

Probably never. This matter can only be resolved by those bold nationals who have the courage to cast off the yolk of their political and cultural dogmas and proudly say, “Germany for Germans and for no man other!”

You can see the video of the attack here:

You can find Kaiter Enless online here:

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