Writing Prompts 9/6/18

Writing prompts – a word or sentence meant to act as the catalyst to a piece of prose or poetry – is a very useful tool for generating ideas, producing more motivation and increasing one’s writing output generally. Most writing prompts, however, are just a single word, and usually, a word that can be used extremely broadly like “love” or “fight” or “sexy.” That is, of course, fine, but it doesn’t really give a struggling writer much in the way of a template. So, on the regular, Logos will be putting out some writing prompts which will be far more detailed and specific (and thus more challenging but, we hope, fruitful) than the standard fair. If you use our prompts tag our admin on twitter at @KaiterEnless and include the writing prompt as a hashtag and we’ll repost your story and if its really good we might just promote in on our site itself before our weekly prompts themselves.

The rules (to have your story re-posted): Use the premise (you don’t have to use all of the words given precisely) as the basis for a fiction story. Can be no shorter than 100 words. There is no maximum (if longer than the 280 twitter character limit, just thread it with sequential numbers). The story must have a beginning, middle and end (it doesn’t need to be conclusive, could be a cliffhanger, but it should wrap up at least some of the building action). Best of luck.

Theme: Speculative extraterrestrial endeavors (so look up your planets)

Prompt #1

Galilean moon expedition. Permanent Evropa colony, Minos One.


Prompt #2

Advanced aerial warfare above Jupiter gas-harvesting station.


Prompt #3

Mineral magnates of the Martian Mining Federation (MMF) convene over looming threat of rogue Cytek ore harvester.

download (5).jpg

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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