Writing Prompts 9/12/18 – Loyalty (Or the lack thereof)

theme by popular vote (the theme selected is the general direction, not always a literal descriptor, ie. if the them was “machines” not necessarily going to be writing “machine” in everywhere, rather will be writing about pulley systems, cars, trains, robots, etc)


He griped the ax til his knuckles ashed. Her infidelity would not go unpunished…


“Get Danniger on the phone! The bastard sold us out…”


The imperial court donned Vermain with the garland robes of the cennerate, a gift reserved solely for those most faithful to the crown. Would that they could know he’d other plans…


“Thing I like bout my car – all machines really – is that they never let you down. Can’t twist the knife in the back. Loyal til the end.”


“I don’t like dogs,” he said, spitting his chew at the feet of the dog, “Dogs, why they loyalty is for sale. They’re whores when it comes to that. All of them. Cats on the other hand, why you’ve gotta earn they loyalty. And let me tell you, that don’t come by no thrown steak, no sir.”

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