Abyssal Arcology Actualized: The Muraka

The world’s first underwater residence has been completed, its name: The Muraka (meaning ‘coral’ in Dhivehi, the language of the Maldives). The splendid 15 million dollar villa is located in the Maldives (Indian Ocean), as part of the Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort; it is comprised of two levels and situated 16.5 feet below the sea and features panoramic windows that allow guests clear views of the colorful aquatic biota. The abyssal villa was the brain-child of architect, Ahmed Saleem.

Resting-chamber in The Muraka.

The construct adds a new and rather more literal meaning to the old saying “sleeping with the fishes,” as now you actually can, for $50,000 per night (and that is only BEFORE the addition of taxes). Whilst the price-tag is steep, The Muraka heralds the beginning of a paradigm shift towards more and more under(and over)water domiciles, tailored less to luxury and more to practical living.

Shark glides by The Muraka.

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