Kentucky-based Drone Company Unleashes Dauntless UAV

Kentucky based tech-firm, Mobile Recon Systems — best known for their Kitty Hawk drone — revealed their latest creation, the Dauntless UAV. The Dauntless drone is available in two different variants, the base-version, as a quadcopter, or as a add-on version as an octocopter. The gas engined, two 2,400-watt generator-powered machine is able to be remotely piloted by a single user and clocks in at only 77 lb (35 kg), as a quad and slightly more as a octocopter. The device shines in its payload capacity, as it is able to lift and carry 100 lb (45 kg) as a quad and double that — 200 lbs — as a octocopter (a world record, according to the company).

Dauntless drone lifting 80 pound weight.

Fine American machinism!

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