Music Recommendations 12/16/19


Anything Goes by Cole Porter – A witty ballad by the American songwriter.

Minnie The Moocher by Cab Calloway – A jazz tune, written by Cab Calloway, Irving Mills and Clarence Gaskill, and first recorded by Calloway in 1931. The song is prominent in a 1932 Fleischer Studio’s Talkartoon that featured a rotoscoped Cab Calloway as a ghost walrus.


Agony (OST) by Draco Nared – The negative reception meted out to Agony upon its release appears, unfortunately, to have overshadowed its rich and multilayered soundtrack by Draco Nared.

A Plague’s Tale (OST) by Olivier Deriviere – Equal turns soothing, sorrowful, strange and sadistic, Deriviere’s compositions are something of a motion-picture unto themselves.


Sigmund Krahe – A talented, dynamic composer specializing in original organ music, Mr. Krahe operates a sparsely uploaded Youtube channel, featuring his various compositions.


Rodders – A small (but highly active) Youtube channel showcasing classical and baroque period music (typically taken from CDs). Unlike the vast bulk of independent music channels I’ve seen on the site, Rodders is consistent in including with every piece, the date of release, name of the composer, origin of the piece, and, sometimes, fascinating biographical minutia (which, for me, is always a welcome treat).


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