Tatter: Chapter Three

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“I didn’t agree to this, Vangr.”

“You agreed to help. That’s all that matters.”

“I will not go along with this.”

“Then you go alone. I’m all you’ve got.”

“You bastard.”

Vangr lowered the pad from his face and furrowed his brow.

“We can agrue about what to do with her once we find her, Soriya. I can’t find her if you keep talking over the feed.”

Soriya Haldeck rose from the collapsable camping armchair, fuming.

“It was because of you she ran away. If you wanted to run tests, then you should have come to me.”

Farlige Vangr leaned heavily against the graffiti-strewn wall, sighing and looking out the window to the research center across the whirring CAV-way below.

“I used to work there. Before Kryos.”

“Are you listening?”

He sighed again and returned his gaze to the dark-eyed woman who glared at him from the opposite end of the antiquated desk, set in the corner of the small, abandoned factory office.

“We need to find her or everything we did was in vain.”

“I need to know I can trust you.”

“You need to calm down. Once we find her, whatever we decide, we’re rich – buy our own island rich, rejuvenation treatments on the regular rich.”

“You know I didn’t do this for credits.”

“You’ll still need them if you want to help the other specimens. You know this. Stop shouting.”

He paused and hit the touchscreen, pausing the recording. He rewound it and played it again and then turned off the headset and turned up the volume of the device and hit play. Two voices sounded from the device, the first, smooth, low, male, the second high, agitated and female.

“Found it.”

“You’re sure its the specimen?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Secure it. Immediately. I’m sending some men now.”

“I’d say that deserves a bonus, don’t you?”

“Just do your job, Lanning.”

After the recording ended, Soriya nodded and spoke authoritatively.

“I’ll get the gear. Be ready to leave.”

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