Tatter: Chapter 11

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Agna Richter looked out the window and across the street at the smouldering ruins of what had formerly been a fusion reactor and spoke to the well-dressed man who stood patiently a respectable distance behind her.

“He just took them?”

“Yes, Chancellor.”

She shook her head and sighed. “He’s supposed to inform the judicial council. This kind of unilateral action is unacceptable.”

“What course of action should we take, Chancellor Richter?”

“What course of action do you recommend, Mr. Gild?”

Gild was silent a moment and then answered with resolve and uncharacteristic animation.

“Call a meeting. Mr. Kryos must be made to answer to the board.”

“Now? Tensions are already high.”

“If his free hand in the legal process goes unchallenged, some confidence in the consortium will be lost.”

Richter observed the man over her shoulder skeptically.

“Will be? Have you a crystal ball?”

“May be. Besides, its protocol.”

“These are unusual times. This is the third attack this year.”

“That is why it is more important than ever to ensure all members of the consortium abide by protocol. The people must see the firmness of our principles in these trying times.”

She nodded solemnly.

“I will present your thoughts to the board.”

“Thank you.”

The man forced a smile, bowed curtly and left off. When he had gone, Richter returned her gaze to the wreckage beyond the window. Children had gathered around the drone-secured parameter to gawk at the charred ruins.

She hoped they didn’t see the bodies.

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