Tatter: Chapter 13

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Vogel adjusted his body armor and checked the drone-links as the sun vanished beneath the silhouette of the city he had dedicated his life to. Units East, West and South showed no anomalies. Street and sky were quiet. He flipped to North Unit. Heat signatures at warehouse N-E-03. Unusual. He accessed his wrist-bound nexus module and checked the local history: Former Stellarin property, now abandoned, awaiting demolition. Currently owned by Vekt Co. Someone was trespassing.

The man turned to his partner and tilted his forearm, proffering the screen.

“Weber, take a look at this.”

“Think we should check it out?” Weber asked languidly as he surveyed the screen from where he leaned against the wall of the local credit processor.


“Think it could be Aestival?”

Vogel shook his head, “Seems unlikely. Place is too out in the open. Heavily trafficked. If I was planning a terror attack, and I was looking for a cache or temporary base, I’d select somewhere more secluded.”

“Maybe they’re just stupid.”

“Execution of the grid attack was evil, but it wasn’t stupid. No. Its not Aestival. Probably just vagrants. Migrants from Eastern Federation, or orphans.”


“Leaning isn’t very professional.”

Weber sighed and pushed off the wall, “I bet you’re great at parties.”

“I am, actually. Wife’s planning one this Friday. You should come.”


“Yeah. Allie wants to meet you. Two months we’ve been together and you haven’t even come over for a drink.”

“Just didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes.”

“Pff. No chance.”

The men turned down the sidewalk towards the old industrial district where the warehouse lay.

“Now that I’m looking at this closer… one of the signatures is a person but… I don’t know what the other one is.”

“Looked like two people earlier.” Weber replied casually.

Vogel furrowed his brow and frowned, “It moves like one but-”

“But what?”

“Its cold.”

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