Fiction Circular 11/28/20

A weekly dissemination of independent writing from around the web by Kaiter Enless.

From Boondock Ramblings: The Farmer’s Daughter, Chapter 34 by Lisa R. Howler.

“Cecily looked Molly up and down again, slower this time, her cheeks sucked in slightly. ‘Oh. Well, okay. That’s different. You usually date tall, leggy blonds.'”

From Caliath: Muri Veteres by João-Maria.

“-icy this marriage, this enlightened fatherland of tombs-“

From Colin McQueen: Dramatis Personae by Colin McQueen.

“His face, which in his prime had looked lived-in, now looked as if someone had died there.”

From Friday Flash Fiction: Saturday Stories 11/28/20 (a collection of shorts) by F.F.F.

“Before going to bed each night, five-year-old Sarah Ball would listen to her father read the book she’d long ago memorized, hug him afterwards with all her might, and, as he kissed her forehead and left the room, crawl under her covers and wind back her magic clock twenty-four hours. Tomorrow would be the exact same thing, and she feared she would tire of the routine–but then she thought about what would happen the following day, how her father would be gunned down in the line of duty during a random traffic stop. No. She’d keep using the clock.”

From New Pop Lit: Just Another Silly Love Song by Nick Gallup (whose Mysterious Case of the Sticky Drawer was previously featured in our fiction round-up).

“The number of my single friends was dwindling. One by one, they were taking marriage vows. Once they were married, I became convinced they were plotting to persuade those of us who had not yet taken the leap to join them. I never knew if it was because they wanted us to share their joy or their misery.”

From Odd Fiction: Dragon Jail by Evan Witmer.

“The ceramics are flame retardant so none of the dragons can burn him by shooting their breath between the bars of their cell.”

From Snowy Fictions: Paused by Madeleine Rose Jones.

“Time is continuous, and a working clock never stops ticking. It never pauses, not for anyone. Except for me.”

From Terror House Magazine: As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us by Dawn DeBraal.

“Her training did not prepare her for a faceless, broken woman lying in a ditch.”

From Times & Tides of a Beachwriter: Flat Earth Society by Tidalscribe.

“How could there be life on a ball of earth… people? They would surely fall off.”

2 thoughts on “Fiction Circular 11/28/20

    1. You’re most welcome, Ms. Howeler. I see so many talented authors who have next to no traction online, so I try, in my own small way, to bring them a little more to the fore. Look forward to seeing how your story turns out.

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