Fiction Circular 12/12/20

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From Autumn Writing: A New Home by Autumn M. Birt. Two gods seek out a craftsman to make them a new world.

“Kummin nudged the hot core of the planet toward the surface of the north. Volcanoes erupted, and high mountains rose. But that only warmed the land a bit and not the air enough, not if he meant it to be breathable to something other than a god.”

From Bristol Noir: The Shooting House by C.W. Blackwell. An outlaw family stumbles upon a secret.

“I was eleven years old when Pops went away.”

From Kelsey Garber: The Living (part I), and, The Living (part II). A young woman and her brother attempt to escape from spirits after a mysterious cataclysm.

“The tiny fog of our making drifted from us and every instinct urged me to snatch the ice from the air before it gave us away.”

From Smorgasbord Blog Magazine: The Snow Globe by Diana Wallace Peach. An old woman’s snow globe provides a gateway to the past, both figuratively and literally.

“‘How long you been with the carnival?’

‘A hundred years,’ he replies softly…”

From Varied Fiction: Weasel of Ore by Conrad Cajgler. An outcast inventor contends with malevolent raiders in a mountainside mining town.

“His work could be started again, once he’d return to the ashes that remained of his home.”


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