“Man had constructed in the written word a new impersonal memory, which did not die and lasted as long as the material in which it was constructed.” —F. Sherwood Taylor


§.01 We are currently open to literary submissions from independent authors in the domains of poetry and prose fiction, with a particular interest in vitalistic, original, longform fiction (novelettes, novellas and novels) that diverges from genre convention, and nonfiction essays concerning aesthetics and culture.

We would prefer submissions as-yet unpublished, but those previously published on other sites may also be accepted, provided no affiliated party raises objection to the re-publication (legal or otherwise). We do not pay, nor require payment, to accept or publish works. Submissions are free and will always remain so.

§.02 Media we publish

  • Poetry
  • Flash fiction
  • Short stories
  • Novellas (serialized or single-volume)
  • Novels (serialized or single-volume).
  • Nonfiction essays on language, writing, literary art, history, culture and aesthetics.
  • Narrative-based audio projects (i.e. audiobooks/radiodramas in .wav format).
  • Musical compositions (as .wav format).
  • Work which has been previously published elsewhere (provided the previous publisher has no qualms concerning the re-publication).

§.03 Media we do not publish

  • Work designed merely to shock.
  • Derivative genre works (i.e. stories with ‘dark lords’ or ‘chosen ones,’ werewolves, zombies, etc—exceptions may apply for work of exceptional quality)
  • Fan-fiction (literary ‘reimaginings’ or ‘reinventions’).
  • Screeds or rants.
  • Self-pitying soliloquies.
  • Works so grammatically woeful as to be illegible.
  • Foreign language pieces without an accompanying English translation.

§.04 Length: Some publishers use word/page-count as a standard of evaluation; we do not, and consequently, accept works of any duration in which the task of the textual work may be accomplished, whether one page or one hundred (though not in 15 words). Our primary criterion is quality (not quantity, so no need to rush).

§.05 Formating: All submissions should be in English, formatted in a editable file format (such as .doc.docx, or .odt), and should be sent to:

LOGOS is a digital publication exclusively. We do not presently publish works in print.