Tatter: Chapter 23

Previous chapter One chair remained empty in the flickering Reiks Consortium boardroom. Ermin Gild stood attentively behind Chancellor Richter, silently observing the chamber occupants. Environmental Commissioner, Ponos Akantha. Economic Commissioner, Garlan Hayl. Security Commissioner, Galton Raka. Vilar Corp CEO, Julian Salis. Stellarin CEO, Telfyr Vays. Numerous secretaries, carrying capsule drinks and printed biscuits, moved in… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 23

Fides Quae Creditur: Chapter Two

Previous chapter Grinning skulls greeted Harrow upon his return from the promontory's edge. Hunter's trophies. He observed the grim, sunfaded relics and smiled at them and laughed. His isolated mirth far-echoing across the high ambit. When he had satisfied himself he turned from the cranial statuary and beheld Hunter standing before his shack, furs girding… Continue reading Fides Quae Creditur: Chapter Two

Tatter: Chapter 22

Previous chapter Tyser Lanning observed the woman warily from the bare wall of his confinement. Her dark face contorted briefly; an expression of sorrow. Regret. And then was placid once more. She raised a bottle of water and shook it. "Thought you might be thirsty." Lanning said nothing. His gaze hardening. "I know you want… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 22

Tatter: Chapter 21

Previous chapter Straker stood in the corner of the wide, empty storage room a block from Loa's club, observing the anxious doorman and the stolid, armored officers that wreathed him. "What do you want?" Kras inquired flippantly, his anger vainly palled by a posture of cocky diffidence. "Vilar Corp maintains a thorough record of its… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 21

Fides Quae Creditur: Chapter One

The sun beat down the crumbling, moss-covered stone against which the two men leaned, looking off into a great recess. They stared idly from the outskirts of the docile, decaying hamlet of Kraevn at the misted distance of the declining wilds, and as they did, a chill wind swept in from the south, jostling their… Continue reading Fides Quae Creditur: Chapter One

Tatter: Chapter 20

Previous chapter Ryard and Tatter followed the penitentiary shuttle as it drove briskly down the low, narrow corridor of the Northwing Detention Facility. The transparent ornateless walls which surrounded them revealed small, sparsely furnished holding cells, most of which were empty. The few prisoners observable watched the procession with vague interest, as one might a… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 20

Tatter: Chapter 19

Previous chapter Eddy Kras set his instacake down as the backdoor alarm overtook the thrumming dance music which filled his ears. Glancing at the biosensors he spied a lone woman shrouded in a raincoat, a hood shading her face, pounding upon the entrance to the club in the backalley. He flicked on the speaker system… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 19