I Where sags the sun in its refrain To pour its gleam on glassy sea; Where lacteal pink in sky and deep Will merge upon the doubling main; Where plaited at the circlet fringe, Twin orbs will sear where one had sunk, A storm released one day in fury, Diffusing in its neutral hue Across… Continue reading Ysatters-Kasja

Leaving Ogygia

Bounding the steep acclivities which seethed Upon the deep, some remnants of his raft— Spars and their fastenings—withheld the sea From closing upon the man its watery folds. Beyond the spiring waves, the heavens shook With thunder. A towering wave advanced Over the dreadful aspect of the ocean, Aspiring to conceal the heavens, And toppled upon him, dashing the man From what remained of… Continue reading Leaving Ogygia


A story has been told of times long passed, When, through the primal mists, there took to flight An eagle and swan from the earth’s utmost regions, That they may reliably discern the omphalos; And each, having at last sighted the other, Rested upon the rocks where later built Mortals the temple of Apollo Pythius. … Continue reading Hubris