Tatter: Chapter Two

Previous chapter Tyser Lanning watched the transporters speed down the CAV-way through a procession of camera feeds. A pop-up on the screen. Anomalous speeds detected. He adjusted his headset and zoomed in to the still-frames of the speeding vehicle. A standard issue lev-han transporter. Synnefo manufacture. He bent to the screen, typing notes out upon… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Two

Tatter: Chapter One

The woman's body collided with metal. Something snapped. Ryard Vancing hit the emergency break. The vehicle keened like a wild beast against the somber, windswept concrete of the vast thoroughfare. Ryard's breath caught in his throat. Mind racing. He looked at the cracked windshield and then through it to the woman who lay immobile on… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter One

Archivum Arcanum

By Dan Klefstad (Being a Glimpse into the History of Mors Strigae, the Death-Dealing Order of the Roman Catholic Church, Presented in the Epistolary Style) Diary of Cardinal Massimo de Luca   Dec. 21, 2021 The Vatican Such a strange occurrence on this first day of Winter, one perhaps more in keeping with the Solstice… Continue reading Archivum Arcanum

The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Six

Previous chapter CHAPTER SIX When Ariadne and Harmon arrived in the study they were greeted by the sound of a lively valse and the jubilant clacking of soles on wood. The divan and photographic equipment, which had previously occupied the center of the space, had been removed for a Steinway and Sons palor baby grand… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Six

The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Five

Previous chapter CHAPTER FIVE Ariadne and Harmon resumed their stolid silence after their conversation for a brief moment until a look of swelling curiosity overtook the woman's face. She turned, to stare at the man, her bob-cut locks flapping like the wings of a crow, dark eyes piercing his soma as a surgeon's blade the… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Five

Circular 1/22/20

PROSE From Fictive Dream: Delirium by John C. Mannone. "The brick-lumps sifted through the black morph into swarms of fire ants with glassy-grit teeth." (Delirium) From Spelk: Letters to Dead People by Foster Trecost. “I sometimes write letters to my father, but he doesn’t read them.” “How do you know?” “Because dead people can’t read… Continue reading Circular 1/22/20

PDF & EPUB Editions Of The Silence & The Howl (Book I) Now Available

The PDF (90 pages) & EPUB (76 pages) editions of The Silence & The Howl: Book I (a novella) are now available from the Logos Literature patreon and can be found HERE. For those who aren't interested in becoming patrons, the entire novella can be read (for free) HERE.