The Maker

He was a creator of talent rare, whose works earned great reknown, and jealousy in equal measure, from those much lower down. He labored beneath a city vast, ruled by lust and grift and gun, where much work was accomplished, to ensure little else was done. Shortly, a savage band assembled, around the maker's domain,… Continue reading The Maker


by Gale Acuff I don't want to die but I don't want to   live, neither, so what's left I ask my Sun  -day School teacher but she just folds her arms  and shakes her head and frowns as she looks down  on me, which she has to do anyway  because she's 25 to my 10 but … Continue reading Righteous

Lot Less

by Gale Acuff I'll be dead before you know it, before  I know it anyway and maybe then  or I mean afterward I won't know it  at all, ditto death, I'll be alive some  -how and maybe waiting for another  life-to-come, maybe another after  that, but all I get at church is that we're  all in… Continue reading Lot Less

Countdown to Darkness

by Carl Scharwath Translucent and awake  Lost in broad daylight.  The sun will vanish  Flickering, unseeing.  Blurring at the edges  Darkening, hesitant   And shinning curious.  The light evanesces  In a trace of sadness.  For how long   Will a stranger stop  In a different light  As the end announced.  Looking for landmarks  Talking to himself  At… Continue reading Countdown to Darkness