Philosophy Circular 8/18/18

W E E K L Y   P H I L O S O P H Y ARTICLES Historian and philosopher Richard Carrier has penned a fascinating article - Could Be A 38% Chance We Are The Only Civilization In The Known Universe - discussing a paper on the possibility of presently existing, otherworldly civilizations, that is EM-radiating… Continue reading Philosophy Circular 8/18/18

Məhshinēk Horryr, Prt.1

T H E   F E A R ~ Avatars Fear of the machine is neigh-omnipresent. In books and films and philosophically minded conversations concerning artificial intelligence. The terror of the edifice-producer for hard-edged and binary processes which are too innumerable and lightening fast for most, even of over-moderate intellect, to fathom. There is The… Continue reading Məhshinēk Horryr, Prt.1