The Silence & The Howl (§.30)

continued from chapter 29 CHAPTER 30 Harmon pocketed a tangerine and ambled out of Harold's cramped apartment. The early morning chill prompted the man to sheath his hands in his jacket pockets whereupon he felt paper and paused beside a group of vagrants along the road to the old breaker. With furrowed brow and pursed… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl (§.30)

Film Review: The Bone Snatcher (2002)

*** SPOILERS Having read the deplorably cheezy tagline: It will scare you out of your skull. and being a SyFy original, my expectations for The Bone Snatcher were quite low. I was pleasantly surprised. Directed by Jason Wulfsohn, written by Malcolm Kohll and Gordon Render and starring Warrick Grier and a bunch of people I had… Continue reading Film Review: The Bone Snatcher (2002)