O, viejas de negro! How you line the front pews at Catholic masses like pushers sitting on street curbs, rolling rosary beads— like pills of black-tar heroin— between jonesing fingers, craving your next fixes of salvation, visiones de Dios. Such beastly things behind those lifeless veils of pitch! Those guttural mumbles under respiraciones y lenguas,… Continue reading Coda-Switch


Life is slow here in a border town where lazy palms scantly twitch in dead breezes— dry and pollen-choked. Everywhere. Nowhere. Cattle, brown against my hand and an expanse of cloudless blue, meander aimlessly, chewing cud that never quite hits the spot. Their eyes, like minds— blank— close to things made new by the blessing… Continue reading Burn

The Silence & The Howl (§.29)

continued from chapter 28 CHAPTER 29 "Mr. La'Far, I wanted to thank you. For putting me up like this. Especially on such short notice. Means a lot to me." "Was the least I could do." "No, it wasn't." "I was trying to be modest. Besides, extenuating circumstances... its a shame what happened." Harmon said nothing… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl (§.29)

The Silence & The Howl (§.28)

Continued from CHAPTER 27 CHAPTER 28 When Harmon returned to the house in the morning he found Andy's car in the drive and a pile of boxes sitting on the front porch. Boxes filled with his personal effects. Andy watched from the living room window, his expression dour and wrathful. Harmon turned from the boxes… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl (§.28)

Blue Sky through Bare Branches

I look, upwards, at blue sky through bare branches, the dewy wet of cool, green grass on my back, clinging, sinking, pulling me further away from this place. I long for the stillness of being found only in the shedding of this meat that plants me here. Oh, to touch those spaces in-between. To graze my lips… Continue reading Blue Sky through Bare Branches