Blue Sky through Bare Branches

I look, upwards, at blue sky through bare branches, the dewy wet of cool, green grass on my back, clinging, sinking, pulling me further away from this place. I long for the stillness of being found only in the shedding of this meat that plants me here. Oh, to touch those spaces in-between. To graze my lips… Continue reading Blue Sky through Bare Branches

Fractal America, Kodokushi-6771, Prt.1

One of the most fundamental characteristics of the embedded American consciousness, is its rugged individualism, that is, the sovereign and heroic impulse to carve ones own path, to strike out on one's own into the unknown darkness to there light a fire. Such is to be expected from a nation of wilderness conquering colonists, but sovereign… Continue reading Fractal America, Kodokushi-6771, Prt.1