On The Prospects of Vertical Hay Farming

§00. Introduction Hay farming is a massive and important industry. The advent of vertical farm architecture has sparked numerous conversations on prospective redesigns of the way farming is done, but these conversations tend to focus on plants which are easily grown and harvested indoors, such as tomatoes and lettuce, but not on hay, which is… Continue reading On The Prospects of Vertical Hay Farming

The Paper Forge: From Literary Concept To Technical Creation

§00. Practical invention following conceptual abstraction | The civilizational significance of literary art lies, firstly in model generation and secondarily, in the application the generated model. The preferred format for model dispensation varies (novels, novellas, short stories, manifestos, poems, etc...) but the effect of all great literary works is, at least in one way, the… Continue reading The Paper Forge: From Literary Concept To Technical Creation