Todesregel Isle (Part II)

The scavenger watched the newcomers from a tor-borne perch above the marsh. They had found the body. It was only a matter of time until those that had put it there found them. He did not envy them their predicament. * Villavic and the hundred and nineteen cast-aways trudged up out of the marsh to… Continue reading Todesregel Isle (Part II)


"What ya looking at?" "A tire." "Tire? Tire-frame is more like it. From an old tractor by the looks of it." Dan Kennedy stood over the tire-frame with a glum look and prodded it with his work boot. "Yep. Says C. B. on it. Whose tractor do you fancy this used to be?" "Tell me,… Continue reading Scalegrave

Fiction Circular 8/24/18

WEEKLY FICTION | compiled by KAITER ENLESS FLASH FICTION Over at The Dark Netizen, several pieces of flash fiction most notably, Lights In The Water. I'll be perfectly frank that most flash fiction feels under developed; too airy for public consumption. Simply writing something should not predispose one to put it up for others to… Continue reading Fiction Circular 8/24/18