Views On Genomic Engineering In The US

A 2016 study, US Public Wary Of Biomedical Technologies To 'Enhance' Human Abilities by Cary Funk, Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Sciupac of the Pew Research Center, reveals that the US public are more concerned than positively excited at the prospect of biomedical technologies which are meant to enhance the human-soma capability (such as synthetic blood,… Continue reading Views On Genomic Engineering In The US

Researcher Claims Genome Edited Twins Born Healthy

A Chinese researcher named He Jiankui of Shenzhen has recently released a video via Youtube wherein he declares that twin girls Lulu and Nana (pseudonyms to protect their identity) whose father was HIV positive and whose genes the Chinese scientist edited for increased resistance, "came crying into the world a few weeks ago," and that… Continue reading Researcher Claims Genome Edited Twins Born Healthy


Superpowers—or even above average abilities—are not built into your DNA. You don’t see infrared or know the sound of sonar. You fall twenty feet onto pavement and every bone shatters. You can barely outrun an angry wasp. Spend five minutes underwater and you’re dead. To assess the full extent of your inherent deficiencies, make a… Continue reading THE SINGULARITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Embracing Transhumanism