Solomon Kane (2009)

R | 1h 44min | Action-Adventure/Dark Fantasy | France/Spain/UK 2009 | USA 2012 At first he thought that it was the shadow of a man who stood in the entrance; then he saw that it was a man himself, though so dark and still he stood that a fantastic semblance of shadow was lent him by the guttering candle. —Robert E.… Continue reading Solomon Kane (2009)

30 Days of Night (2007) | Review

R | 1h 53 min | Action, Horror, Thriller, Supernatural | 19 October 2007 (USA) Direction: David Slade | Cinematography: Jo Willems | Music: Brian Reitzell Writing: Steve Niles, Brian Nelson & Stuart Beattie (read script here) Starring: Josh Hartnett, Danny Huston, Melissa George 30 Days of Night follows the exploits of vampire-attack survivors lead by Eben Oleson (Josh Hartnett) in the Alaskan… Continue reading 30 Days of Night (2007) | Review

The Ghost & The Darkness (1996) | Review

R | 1h 50min | Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Creature-feature | 11 October 1996 (USA) Direction: Stephen Hopkins | Cinematography: Vilmos Zsigmond | Music: Jerry Goldsmith Script: William Goldman | Inspired by: The Man-eaters of Tsavo by John Henry Patterson Starring: Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas, Tom Wilkinson, John Kani, Bernard Hill, Henry Cele, Brian McCardie, Om Puri Summary: Tasked with overseeing the construction of a East… Continue reading The Ghost & The Darkness (1996) | Review

Venom (2018) | Review

Plot Summary Venom opens with a spaceship owned, by the biotech firm Life Foundation, blazing up in the atmosphere and crashing to Earth. Shortly after the crash it is revealed that the vessel contained several alien lifeforms called 'symbiotes.' All but one of the aliens are retrieved and the events of the crash are covered up… Continue reading Venom (2018) | Review

Mandy (2018): Excess & Acceptance

"For me, film performance is like music." —Nicolas Cage, 2018 Sundance Film Festival Cheddar Interview Panos Cosmatos' 2018 phantasmagoric horror film Mandy (script by Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn) takes place in 1983 with Red Miller (Nicolas Cage), a stoic, seemingly unhappy and aloof lumberjack who lives in a cabin in the wilderness with his lover, Mandy (Andrea Riseborough),… Continue reading Mandy (2018): Excess & Acceptance

Film Review: The Bone Snatcher (2002)

*** SPOILERS Having read the deplorably cheezy tagline: It will scare you out of your skull. and being a SyFy original, my expectations for The Bone Snatcher were quite low. I was pleasantly surprised. Directed by Jason Wulfsohn, written by Malcolm Kohll and Gordon Render and starring Warrick Grier and a bunch of people I had… Continue reading Film Review: The Bone Snatcher (2002)

Film Review | Hellraiser: Judgment | 2018

***this post contains spoilers "I knew what I wanted to make, and I felt like 'you know what, I wrote a traditional Hellraiser story with Revelations and I got raped by the fans. I'm not going to try and appease the fans anymore.' I'm going to make a film for me and I have a very strong idea visually… Continue reading Film Review | Hellraiser: Judgment | 2018

Alienation, Elitism & Lived-Art in The Midnight Meat Train | Part 2

THE KEEPERS OF OUTER DARK Interspliced with Leon's break from society and descent into the heart of the city, are numerous sequences featuring the subway killer, a man who is referred to only as Mahogany. Mahogany, unlike many contemporary horror film antagonists, is not a raving lunatic, rather, he is restrained, dutiful and immaculate, keeping… Continue reading Alienation, Elitism & Lived-Art in The Midnight Meat Train | Part 2

Alienation, Elitism & Lived-Art in The Midnight Meat Train | Part 1

"I was like a kid in a candy store any time we filmed the scary bits. The one thing that did make me cringe was the pierced Achilles tendons, having severed my own five years ago playing basketball...” - Bradley Cooper. ♦ INTRODUCTION Ryuhei Kitamura's The Midnight Meat Train1, released in 2008 and first shot… Continue reading Alienation, Elitism & Lived-Art in The Midnight Meat Train | Part 1