Invocation of Khaerrezal III

Purge all wasting from my shell, that tidal, I may over swell, the cage of stone, the plane of night; in vacuum dark past crystals slight, that I may find the wretched core, of ordained decline and boundless hoar; the primal vector; cosm's root; and there enthroned, reign absolute.

Lot Less

by Gale Acuff I'll be dead before you know it, before  I know it anyway and maybe then  or I mean afterward I won't know it  at all, ditto death, I'll be alive some  -how and maybe waiting for another  life-to-come, maybe another after  that, but all I get at church is that we're  all in… Continue reading Lot Less

Countdown to Darkness

by Carl Scharwath Translucent and awake  Lost in broad daylight.  The sun will vanish  Flickering, unseeing.  Blurring at the edges  Darkening, hesitant   And shinning curious.  The light evanesces  In a trace of sadness.  For how long   Will a stranger stop  In a different light  As the end announced.  Looking for landmarks  Talking to himself  At… Continue reading Countdown to Darkness


by Carl Scharwath Two children plaster forms A decorum of  the 1950’s Embellishment, quietly grace The family road trip.   Baseball cards on the floor Gum under the seat A façade of happiness As billboards  swoop by.   Telephone wires, a dizzying array of surrealistic lines crossing the clouds and pointing the way. Last chance gas stations, diners with… Continue reading 1959

Beyond The Nightingale Floor (§.04)

Continued from §.03 The duo cautiously and slowly made passage through the cloying, hilly wood and passed into a narrow clearing where the land dipped into a long, sparsely covered dale through which ran a thin, babbling brook. To the south, a well-trod path was observable, which stretched from the edge of the stream into… Continue reading Beyond The Nightingale Floor (§.04)

Ochre Sepulchre

Hraban Amsler came to the end of the forest path and continued apace. The sparse, charming wood thickening swiftly before him. Ochre and gold. Colors the harbingers of Fall. He knew the route well and yet felt as if he'd taken a wrong turning. The feeling came unbidden into his mind, though the man knew… Continue reading Ochre Sepulchre