Synnefo Consortium Designs

‘Synnefo Consortium’ graphic design series (in sequence created).

Consortium Sigil (hi-res-version_bad-scaling)
Consortium Sigil 2 without font (hi-res-version_mid-scaling)
Consortium Sigil 3 without font (hi-res-version_mid-scaling)
Consortium Sigil 4 without font (hi-res-version_mid-scaling)
Consortium Sigil 5 without font (hi-res-version_mid-scaling)

Machine Metropolis: The Artwork of Edmond Van Dooren

Few artists of the 20th Century so brilliant captured verticality, speed, scale, industrial intensity and mechanical majesty as well as the innovative Belgian artist and gallery organizer, Edmond van Dooren (1896-1965).

Dooren’s works began in-line with German Expressionism but changed as he absorbed the techniques of Cubism and Futurism (Dooren’s friend, Jozef Peeters, met F. T. Marinetti in 1918, who convinced Peeters to join up with The Futurists, this was doubtless a turning point in terms of aesthetic influence, as it was also the same year Peeters and Dooren created the group ‘Moderne Kunst’ in Antwerp).

Collected below is a small sampling of Dooren’s later graphic works.

Machinezang (1929).
Machinezang II (1940-1949).
City with Machines (circa 1930).
La Ville (1937).
La Ville – close-up.

Update: Logos Anthology Part 2 In Works

Regular readers may have seen that we have complied a free ebook of some of our best past writing. Shortly, a second volume will be added focusing solely on political/aesthetic manifestos, many of which will be unique to the book and will not have been previously published on the site.

In the coming months the Logos Club will be ramping up its efforts at hard-copy (paper & pulp) publication and *may* begin offering hard-copy books in limited quantity.

As always, thank you for your patronage and happy reading.