‘Defamation Factory’ Now Available

Defamation Factory: The Sordid History of the ADL by Kaiter Enless (preface by Tomislav Sunic) from Reconquista Press is now available on Amazon. It is the only book which documents the colorful history of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, from its founding in 1913 amidst the furor surrounding the trial of Leo Frank, all… Continue reading ‘Defamation Factory’ Now Available

Defamation Factory, Prt.2: The ADL vs Henry Ford

T h e A D L v s H e n r y F o r d ~ 1915-1933 Shortly after the ADL's formation and the Frank Case's close, war reared its ugly head – World War I, the first “great war,” of the industrialized age, had begun. 52 year old automotive industrialist and beloved… Continue reading Defamation Factory, Prt.2: The ADL vs Henry Ford