Fiction Writer’s Compendium: Middle English

Below is a resource for writers, consisting of dozens of Middle English words paired with their modern-day equivalent meanings. The list is not meant to be exhaustive of all Middle English. If there are any words you wish me to add to the list, feel free to contact me and let me know (Middle English… Continue reading Fiction Writer’s Compendium: Middle English

Celebrations Of The Winter Solstice Through Cultures & Time

Myth bares a indelible connection to the changing of the seasons and the modulation of the land they harbing. Hercules contestation with the Hydra (a multi-headed water monster) in ancient Greece bares parallels to the struggles of Greecian water managers and their multi-faceted (ie. multi-headed) irrigation systems. The snake-god Apophis (Apep) who clashed every morning… Continue reading Celebrations Of The Winter Solstice Through Cultures & Time

National Study Finds Only 1-in-3 Americans Can Pass US Citizenship Test

A nation-wide survey by analytic research firm Lincoln Park Strategies found that only 1-in-3 (36%) Americans (sample size: 1000/random) can pass their own countries citizenship test. The test is constituted of 100 multiple choice questions concerning formative US history. Some pertinent results were as follows Only 13% of those surveyed knew when the Constitution was… Continue reading National Study Finds Only 1-in-3 Americans Can Pass US Citizenship Test

‘Defamation Factory’ Now Available

Defamation Factory: The Sordid History of the ADL by Kaiter Enless (preface by Tomislav Sunic) from Reconquista Press is now available on Amazon. It is the only book which documents the colorful history of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, from its founding in 1913 amidst the furor surrounding the trial of Leo Frank, all… Continue reading ‘Defamation Factory’ Now Available


"What ya looking at?" "A tire." "Tire? Tire-frame is more like it. From an old tractor by the looks of it." Dan Kennedy stood over the tire-frame with a glum look and prodded it with his work boot. "Yep. Says C. B. on it. Whose tractor do you fancy this used to be?" "Tell me,… Continue reading Scalegrave

Occidental Origins of Race-Theory (I)

(a) Origins & Development of Racial Thought in the Occident ♦ (a.1) Purpose of the Inquiry Racial identity is without question one of the single most important questions of any age for, to quote the historian Richard Carrier1, “All politics is identity politics2” and race is central to identity; indeed, the fountainhead thereof. The implications… Continue reading Occidental Origins of Race-Theory (I)