The Image of Man | Specter of Earth

(a) Immanence or Earth? What way went vigor? Subsumed by vice. Struggle lost to paradise. - Elimination of a concept is only a reduction of literal spatiality insofar as no parvenu concepts are there fabricated in its place. Fabrication should not come to be confused here with falsity, such as an illusion (true presentation, false… Continue reading The Image of Man | Specter of Earth


In the last installment of the report we took a brief look back at the history of Iran (Persia). Now that we have a better grasp of the tenor of the country we shall turn our attention to Iran geo-strategic aims, both past, present and what they project for the future. In the third installment… Continue reading TLC REPORT: US & IRANIAN GEO-STRATEGY, PRT. 2

TLC Report: US & Iranian Geo-Strategy, Prt. 1

The recent and violent protests which have recently erupted (and subsequently died away) in Iran have raised a series of questions within the US Empire. Namely, do the Iranian people, on aggregate, want regime change and, if so, should the USA help them achieve it? The answer most mainstream American policy analysts seem to have… Continue reading TLC Report: US & Iranian Geo-Strategy, Prt. 1

Reclaimer: Episode 2

Miner lay upon the ground, 400 lay beside him, her eyes saucer-wide like the eyes of some cephlopidic aberration, air going in-out from the rapid contractions of their billowing chests; hearts pulsing in roaring tandem like the kettling of some mangy soldier-boy, drawing out an anthem for some great and unspeakable war. Miner's anxiety subsided… Continue reading Reclaimer: Episode 2

Məhshinēk Horryr, Prt.2

To the machine, performative contradiction is anathema. Theoretical contradiction is nonexistent.  -Məhshinēk Horryr, Prt.1 The Scourge of Neo-Luddism In our previous installment we looked into the pervasive aversion to The Machine and ventured into the labyrinth of the intentionalizing instinct, that primal inclination to attribute agency (and often malevolence) to the inanimate (rocks, bushes, machines)… Continue reading Məhshinēk Horryr, Prt.2

Logos Eclipsed: The Source of the Dark Idol’s Power, Prt.1

On the 12th of August, 2017, in Bedminster, NJ, President Donald J. Trump gave a public statement regarding the recent violence which erupted during the Unite The Right (UTR) rally in Charlottesville, Virginia - a two-fold event staged to both unifying all portions of the dissident, nationalist right (whether ethno or civic nationalist) and protest… Continue reading Logos Eclipsed: The Source of the Dark Idol’s Power, Prt.1

Defamation Factory, Part 3: The ADL-Mafia Connection

C h a p t e r – I V WW II & t h e A D L M a f i a ~ 1933-1985 At the same time Henry Ford was struggling with the financial instability brought about by the great banking collapse of 1933, a plethora of gangster's breathed a sigh of… Continue reading Defamation Factory, Part 3: The ADL-Mafia Connection