The Euphoric Problem

The thought of my “present reality” was plastered on the front side of a coin with a backside insisting, “Try to escape.” Notice, while the backside literally read, “Try to escape,” the front side did not read, “Present reality.” Instead, the front side listed that which was, at the moment, my present reality. More often… Continue reading The Euphoric Problem

The Hierarchical Heresy

Hierarchy. The word has become something of a prelude to incantations of aspirations for lofty empire and personal mastery among the contemporary dissident-right. Discerning ears will oft hear the rightist cry of, “We need strong leadership!” Yet, seemingly invariably, once a leader steps up to the plate (or is merely proffered by others as a… Continue reading The Hierarchical Heresy

An Allegory On Introspection

What merriment can be derived from a land bereft of song and how oft does one hear the uninhibited singing of the common man? Songs, of a certainty, are plentiful, but singing... well that is something in terribly rare supply! And what of this common man, surely, he is part and parcel of the problem.… Continue reading An Allegory On Introspection