New Website Launched

Synnefo—which focuses on research and design in interstellar development—is now live. The first article from the site—on meta-architecture in space policy—is available here. You can follow Synnefo on twitter here.

The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter One

BOOK II (Continued from BOOK I) CHAPTER ONE Luna found Harmon on the first floor of the old coal breaker where the man had recently taken up residence, smoking the last of his cheap cigarettes, watching Saperion-shaped clouds listlessly drift beyond the town. He wore battered jeans, the knees half-worn through, a paint-stained white t-shirt,… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter One

The Dauntless Rook (§.16)

Continued from §.15   When Sprill realized his tenants were either sleeping, hiding, or vacant, he gave a soft grunt of irritation, produced a keyring and turned the lock. Adair followed the landlord and moved through the small, sparse room to the window and peered out into the cluttered lane below, spying only a grim,… Continue reading The Dauntless Rook (§.16)