The Artist’s Domain & Its Discontents: Remarks On “The Death Of The Author”

In 1967, French essayist and literary hypothesizer Roland G. Barthes¹ published The Death of the Author (La mort de l'auteur), which takes, as its central aim, the delegitimization of "the Author" (capitalization his) for the prioritization of "the reader," a point arrived at by Barthes' through his belief that textual signification reached a point of… Continue reading The Artist’s Domain & Its Discontents: Remarks On “The Death Of The Author”

Archivum Arcanum

By Dan Klefstad (Being a Glimpse into the History of Mors Strigae, the Death-Dealing Order of the Roman Catholic Church, Presented in the Epistolary Style) Diary of Cardinal Massimo de Luca   Dec. 21, 2021 The Vatican Such a strange occurrence on this first day of Winter, one perhaps more in keeping with the Solstice… Continue reading Archivum Arcanum

Circular 2/1/20

PROSE From Cajun Mutt Press: Little Hymn In One Part by Mike James. "Once, he found a perfectly good leather dog leash re-used to wrangle passing clouds." (James, Little Hymn In One Part) ♦ From Every Day Fiction: Marathon Girl by Tim Boiteau. "Water station nine. Hydration, raisins, and knives, knives, knives. Knives for slashing,… Continue reading Circular 2/1/20

Embrace Rejection

The following work is a transcript of the keynote speech for Rock Valley College’s 35th Annual Writing Awards Ceremony, delivered by WNIJ broadcaster and author Dan Klefstad (Shepherd & the Professor). Congratulations in advance to the writers who will be recognized tonight. I look forward to reading your work and sharing the stage with you… Continue reading Embrace Rejection

The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Six

Previous chapter CHAPTER SIX When Ariadne and Harmon arrived in the study they were greeted by the sound of a lively valse and the jubilant clacking of soles on wood. The divan and photographic equipment, which had previously occupied the center of the space, had been removed for a Steinway and Sons palor baby grand… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Six

PDF & EPUB Editions Of The Silence & The Howl (Book I) Revised

Both the PDF and EPUB editions of the novella The Silence & The Howl (Book I) have been revised and updated to correct for minor spelling errors and improper line breaks present in the previous EPUB version. Additionally, a new original composition titled Synnefo Isle (a soft, ethereal waltz piece) has been added to the… Continue reading PDF & EPUB Editions Of The Silence & The Howl (Book I) Revised

The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Five

Previous chapter CHAPTER FIVE Ariadne and Harmon resumed their stolid silence after their conversation for a brief moment until a look of swelling curiosity overtook the woman's face. She turned, to stare at the man, her bob-cut locks flapping like the wings of a crow, dark eyes piercing his soma as a surgeon's blade the… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl: Book Two, Chapter Five