Why ‘Broken News?’

By Dana Rosenberg Recently, I sat down with Broken News founder, CEO and chief editor, Boeotian Boerehater, to discuss the inspiration behind the company, the reason for its name and where he plans to take it in the future. What follows is a transcript of our correspondence, edited for clarity. Dana: Hi, Bo, thanks for… Continue reading Why ‘Broken News?’

Logos Circular 5/19/2017

The Logos Club here presents a brief list of links to some of this weeks most enlightening, amusing and incisive pieces of writing from all across the web. First up is How To Make It As A Left-Wing Polemicist which comes to us from the talented Hubert Collins of Social Matter. The piece is a ironic,… Continue reading Logos Circular 5/19/2017

The New Magisterium: A Manifesto

FOUNDATION and CREED I advocate for a new unification in the Western Arts. I do not think that this is a trivial enterprise to undertake. No mere bohemian commune or Expressionist enclave, nor some flowery garden where one can paint Monetesque water lilies to the hearts content in idyllic splendor. Rather it will be a… Continue reading The New Magisterium: A Manifesto


Spoiler warning. [Editor's note: This article was previously published to my personal blog, thus if you have already read it there and recall it's contents you might wish to skip it. Thank you for reading.] If formalism was gold Jean-Pierre Melville might have just been the richest filmmaker to ever live and none of his… Continue reading FILM REVIEW – LE SAMORUAI