The Silence & The Howl | Part 15

§.15 Harmon drew the device's teeth against the wood grain. The sound of the chainsaw split the tranquility of the placid Sunday afternoon and sent the sparrows spinning from their thorny thrones. The smell of the wood, the metal, the machine's furious humming engulfing the grotesque chittering of the wide outer bright. He stood over… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 15

Todesregel Isle (Part V)

Villavic sat upon a large flat stone before the crackling fire, his lean body hunched, chin upon his entwined and roughened fingers, knuckles rough as sand. The rock-sitter's tatterdemalion companions told him their tales; of their lives and loves and losses and how they were swept into the scouring-purge for mechanical heresy. After they had… Continue reading Todesregel Isle (Part V)

The Photographer’s Dilemma (VII)

* As soon as she was able to get some distance from Partridge she pulled out her mobile and opened up her social media on Rattle.web. She squinted down at her profile photo, it was a top-down angled portrait; she didn't like it, she was trying to hard to look interesting, she thought to herself.… Continue reading The Photographer’s Dilemma (VII)

The Photographer’s Dilemma (VI)

Thompson shook his head, surveying Ariadne's works upon the wall. All her photographs hung from their frames where she had earlier placed them, all save one; the picture of the man with the albescent jacket. "I'm sorry, Ms. Campbell, I've no idea where it went. It must have been..." Ariadne nodded gravely, "Stolen. Its alright,… Continue reading The Photographer’s Dilemma (VI)

The Iron Garden: Part.6

The city buzzed like a hornet's bag as the young woman moved up to the tiny little concrete housing center. The outer facade, wind scarred and watermarked, diveted as the skin of acne'd youth. She knocked, stood a moment, her hands relaxing about the large cargo bag, slung about slender shoulders as wind skimmed the… Continue reading The Iron Garden: Part.6

Defamation Factory, Prt.1: The ADL’s Founding Lie

I n t r o d u c t i o n Why do we talk of politics? We do we engage in that stressful, brain-wracking contest of ever-warring tribes when we can just ignore the whole damnable mess? I can not, nor shall I attempt to, speak for anyone but myself, and so I… Continue reading Defamation Factory, Prt.1: The ADL’s Founding Lie