The Fallacy of the Void

In technological society, there have been few ideas more poisonous to the general uplift of Man than the notion that the fundamental materiality of existence is invariably devoid of meaning, when, indeed, precisely the opposite is the case. A popular view: (Naive) nihilism is the only possible outcome of a materialist, matterological or otherwise 'naturalistic'… Continue reading The Fallacy of the Void

Sex, Violence, Death, Toil: A Brief Primer on Fiction Writing, Prt.4

  Art as a directional model for human action. All human endeavors bespeak of ourselves; such is the case with fiction, which gives form and function to the nebulous, scattered and fevered energy of the brain’s wild imaginings which roil up from from the instinctual chasm.  -Brief Primer on Fiction Writing, Part. 3 In the… Continue reading Sex, Violence, Death, Toil: A Brief Primer on Fiction Writing, Prt.4

The Opposition Identity of the Anti-Tribe

I've long been skeptical of the negation crew, the "anti" crowd, those individuals or groups who when asked who they are and what they stand for reply, "I am against X!" There are the "skeptics" who are wholly against all and any religions; the SJWs who are wholly against anything that they perceive as masculine,… Continue reading The Opposition Identity of the Anti-Tribe

Unfinished Novel: Starving Light

Starving Light a novel Wasps in windows mocked him. The insect hummed relentlessly, maddeningly, against the frost tinted pane, the white skin of the world and the world burning behind it and the yellow, black scream of the helpless surging vainly towards the fire. The man watched the insect with wide eyes and a face… Continue reading Unfinished Novel: Starving Light