Early American Writings: The Pre-literary Period The first recorded piece of American writing is, by scholarly consensus, considered to be A True Relation of Virginia (1608) which was written by the prolific soldier of fortune and early leader of the Jamestown colony, John Smith (1580-1631). The book, though non-fiction and quite thoroughly English in its… Continue reading THE ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN LITERARY TRADITION (PART 2)

The Origins of the American Literary Tradition (Part 1)

Introduction How distant, my fellow Americans, is the comfort of our modern urban and suburban and, indeed, even our rural spaces to the harsh and unyielding wilderness of the colonial era. Wild tribes of vibrantly painted, bow wielding natives wary or wrathful of foreign rule, disease, starvation and the vast pitfalls of the “virgin” land,… Continue reading The Origins of the American Literary Tradition (Part 1)

The Iron Garden: Part.12

Campaign Angela Vikander stood anxiously upon the balcony of her expansive highrise, overlooking the main thoroughfares of the city. She wanted a cigarette badly but had decided to quit, a move to improve her image; it had been Erlen's idea. Vikander cursed her campaign manager under her breath. Damn him. Why the hell do I… Continue reading The Iron Garden: Part.12

The Iron Garden: Part.11

The knock came late at night, sharp and sudden as the deluge that followed it. Skies loosed their astral tears upon the tumble-down motel as Afua stirred and wrapped her aged bones in a tattered shawl. “Who is it?” Kojo rasped from the bed adjacent her own. “I don't know.” “Well go and see, woman.”… Continue reading The Iron Garden: Part.11

The Iron Garden: Part.10

* Kojo sipped whiskey out of a mason jar and then stubbed out his cigarette in a small, tin peach can as the fan whirred about his head, fanning the air and a mechanical waspish whirring out into the cloister of the old, decaying motel. The inn straddled the intersection of The Tombs and the… Continue reading The Iron Garden: Part.10

The Iron Garden: Part.9

Hunter The tenement was tumble down and filthy, located in the decaying heart of the slums which its denizens had unceremoniously dubbed, The Tombs, and was covered over with discarded papers and the remnants of the rain. The man who stood before the door was thankful for the rain; it washed away the filth and… Continue reading The Iron Garden: Part.9

The Iron Garden: Part.8

Museum The Partridge Museum was a massive building, a construct more akin to some kind of techno-futurist military compound than the staid and neoclassical constructs of the other buildings surrounding. Clair Andretti stood before the plain, unadorned facade of the massive, brutalist monolith and inhaled deeply. Excited, emboldened and hopelessly nervous. She hated being nervous.… Continue reading The Iron Garden: Part.8