Tatter: Chapter 37 (Finis)

Previous chapter Ryard woke, to a curious, faint humming coming from somewhere below. He blinked, blinded by the intense albescence which bathed the room and shook his pulsing head, groaning quietly. A pungent, antiseptic scent clotted the air and as his vision came back into focus, he realized he lay upon a cot within a… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 37 (Finis)

Tatter: Chapter 36

Previous chapter Vangr apprehensively stood the center of the old theatre and watched the chartreuse man tinker with the mannequin upon the wide and dusty stage, crimson curtains hanging above like clouds of blood. "Just you and me now, Mr. Vangr," the tinkerer declared with vague amusement, without turning from his labors. Vangr shifted from… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 36

Tatter: Chapter 35

Previous chapter In the wide black holding cell, only a single ray of light; a woman there illuminated. A shackle upon her throat which meant pain should the shadows be tread. She sat upon a soft, dark cube, hands folded upon her lap. No sound save a faint mechanical groaning; rhythmic sheering of metal on… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 35

Tatter: Chapter 34

Previous chapter The lab-lights coruscated from the dustless ceiling as Ryard Vancing held his bleeding side. Teeth clenched. Eyes narrowing upon the tawny, ferine woman who circled him, jaw set, fists clenched as Tatter watched the scene with keen concern from the diagnostic pod where she remained firmly bound. Ryard briefly caught her gaze and… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 34

Tatter: Chapter 33

Previous chapter Eric Grazen felt the intruder's presence before he saw him. "Raise your arms. Slowly." "Are you KSRU?" Grazen inquired trepidatiously, straightening before the diagnostic pod in which the specimen lay, watching with wide, dichromatic eyes. "Doesn't matter who I am," the intruder responded flatly. Grazen felt the cold, forceful sting of metal upon… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 33

Tatter: Chapter 32

Previous chapter Moreno Carduus dashed through the mephitic, winding bowels of the subterranean reach. Mineral crunch following the echoing screams of her men. Ghastly wails, keen and guttural filled the passage one moment, muted the next. She proceeded some fifty feet down the tunnel, reached the central urn repository and paused, crouching low, right hand… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 32

Tatter: Chapter 31

Previous chapter The sound came softly at first, a faint, fast, rhythmic pattering down the long, damp corridor, growing steadily in volume with every second that passed. Then, as before, the necropolis fell to silence. The men within the hall shifted nervously from foot to foot upon the dust-clad flooring. "What was that?" Elliot asked… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 31

Tatter: Chapter 30

Previous chapter Ryard glanced to his wrist-bound affin module, the screen displayed a intricately detailed map of the city; the signal for his tracker, bequeathed to Tatter, glowed bright blue against the crisp white outline of the tertiary diagram. His brows knitted with concern as the vehicle sped across the expressway, the pedestrian lanes, shimmering… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 30