The Machine Of Wester Moorley (§.03)

§.03 Matthias Emery Thall raised his arms in salutations as Albrecht walked through the doors of his study. "My good sir, at last you have arrived. I am Matthias Thall. Please, take a seat." "Your hospitality is much appreciated, Mayor Thall." "Oh, please, call me Matt." "If you prefer." "Otto—why didn't you pick Mr. Brandt… Continue reading The Machine Of Wester Moorley (§.03)

Towards A Program of Great Works: The US-Mexican Border Wall

Pertinent First Questions. Much has been said about the current US President's proposed border wall, with opposition commentary generally running along the lines of, "A border wall is inherently racist!" Let us, from the start, dispense with such foolishness. Walls, no more than doors, columns or cornices, are in any cogently definable way classically "racist"… Continue reading Towards A Program of Great Works: The US-Mexican Border Wall