Elevens (2001)

(Excerpt from the novel Fiona’s Guardians by Dan Klefstad)   “You count the money. I’ll count the blood.” Daniel pushes the open case of dollars toward Jesús who in turn opens a large cooler releasing a cloud of mist. The cooler is tied to a dolly. Daniel’s gloves lift blocks of dry ice, revealing pint bags labeled O negative, A negative, A positive, B positive, etc. All… Continue reading Elevens (2001)


"What ya looking at?" "A tire." "Tire? Tire-frame is more like it. From an old tractor by the looks of it." Dan Kennedy stood over the tire-frame with a glum look and prodded it with his work boot. "Yep. Says C. B. on it. Whose tractor do you fancy this used to be?" "Tell me,… Continue reading Scalegrave