The Extraneous Nature of American Political Parties

Two party system. For many young Americans it is all they have ever known and for those slightly older, it is all there can ever be. It is taken as an issue of strictest faith that America must have two parties, each counter-balancing the other and that, should there be but one party or a true third contender, the whole balance of the world would be swiftly o’er thrown.


To begin with, no provision is made within our constitution for political parties of any kind. It is not that the authors of the constitution were unfamiliar with the concept but rather that they saw no need for them; what’s more, many of them detested the idea. There was and is absolutely no need for political parties in America. One man, one vote. The man that get’s the most votes takes up leadership for the country. The man who gets second-most is awarded with the vice presidency. Simple and straightforward. Elegantly so. Where here is there room for parties? What, really, is their function? Nothing but needless divisiveness. Since the election of Donald Trump, the 45th president of these United States, there have been untold amounts of squealing about “political divisiveness.” Yet, very, very seldom does one hear it said that this is largely a product of the sham party system. To make matters all the worse, even though the public is brought to loggerheads over their political differences both of the major parties propose and instantiate essentially the same progressive equalitarian measures, meaning, of course, that most Americans, most of the time, are fighting for absolutely no good reason.


A academic survey conducted in 2014 by the impressively non-partisan Pew research Center found that Today 92% of Republicans are to the right of the median Democrat, and 94% of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican. More disconcertingly, the study also finds that divergence from party doctrine for both Republicans and Democrats has decreased over time. What this means is that independent thinking within party politics has decreased as party zealotry has increased.


To circumnavigate this foolish dance of self-cannibalism I advocate the complete and utter abolition of ALL American political parties.

There should only be one party, The American Party. No exceptions. Anything else is treason as Jefferson well realized.