Sitting and lazily swiveling in my broken leatherette desk chair, I looked around my office, searching its contents for some sense of purpose for being there, but much to no avail.  Brown bookcases lined the walls, squeezed tightly together in a uniform fashion. The shelves were concave, virtually choking on artifacts collected (hoarded, really) over… Continue reading Roadkill

The Silence & The Howl | Part 24

§.24 After Marla returned upstairs, and his exercises were finished, Harmon showered, dressed in a plain black T and blue jeans and went for a walk. He headed for the convenience store to the north of Andy's abode where he hoped he might obtain cigarettes, coffee, jerky and a newspaper. He felt light, relaxed and… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 24

The Silence & The Howl | Part 22

§.22 Harmon pulled into the parking lot of the northeastern shopping center, its glassy, odd-angling facade shimmering with the solis like molten crystal. He squinted against the glare, put on his sunglasses, checked his wrist watch, exited the vehicle and headed for the pet food store. It loomed a story above every other building, its… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 22

The Silence & The Howl | Part 17

§.17 They descended the stairs as thunder ranged beyond the ambit of the creaking tumbledown. Lyla wanted to watch a movie. Inquiries concerning the cinematic acumen of all present were made, with Andy judged most-knowledgeable, they settled into the massive, tattered and musty couch as their host plopped in a old VHS titled 'Fractured Mirror.'… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 17

The Silence & The Howl | Part 15

§.15 Harmon drew the device's teeth against the wood grain. The sound of the chainsaw split the tranquility of the placid Sunday afternoon and sent the sparrows spinning from their thorny thrones. The smell of the wood, the metal, the machine's furious humming engulfing the grotesque chittering of the wide outer bright. He stood over… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 15

The Silence & The Howl | Part 12

§.12 When Harmon waved to Sprawls as he made breakfast the man only shook his head and sneered. "What?" "Why you still here?" "Where were you expecting me to be?" "Anywhere but here. I told you last night. Ain't gonna work out." "Are you being serious?" "I ain't gonna throw you out. I know you… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 12

The Silence & The Howl | Part 3

CHAPTER THREE The art gallery buzzed like a nest of agitated hornets. Harmon, dressed in his finest dirty T and sun-eaten jeans and moving from the entrance to stand before the gala proper, found the chatter irksome and the low, odd-filtered light disorienting. He liked the dark and quiet. Despite his proclivities he had agreed… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 3

The Silence & The Howl | Part 2

CHAPTER TWO Harmon awoke with the rising of the light. He ran his hands through his hair, wild and dark as raven-down. He stretched and cracked his neck and leaned out on the tips of his toes til he fell to the floor, catching himself before his face collided with the spotless concrete of his… Continue reading The Silence & The Howl | Part 2