Red Shadows (1928)

"This Solomon Kane is a demon from Hell, I tell you."   —Red Shadows, 1928 §.00 In the introduction to The Elements of Style (Strunk & White, 1999, p. xv.), the authors implore the reader thrice over to "Omit needles words!" Robert E. Howard's Red Shadows (first published in Weird Tales, August 1928)—the first of the Solomon Kane stories—follows… Continue reading Red Shadows (1928)

Solomon Kane (2009)

R | 1h 44min | Action-Adventure/Dark Fantasy | France/Spain/UK 2009 | USA 2012 At first he thought that it was the shadow of a man who stood in the entrance; then he saw that it was a man himself, though so dark and still he stood that a fantastic semblance of shadow was lent him by the guttering candle. —Robert E.… Continue reading Solomon Kane (2009)