Tatter: Chapter 31

Previous chapter The sound came softly at first, a faint, fast, rhythmic pattering down the long, damp corridor, growing steadily in volume with every second that passed. Then, as before, the necropolis fell to silence. The men within the hall shifted nervously from foot to foot upon the dust-clad flooring. "What was that?" Elliot asked… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter 31

Dawn: Tokyo’s Innovative Avatar Cafe

Though the standard line in terms of machine-job integration has been "the robots are taking your jobs!" this is not true in relation to Dawn (Diverse Avatar Working Network) ver.β, a peculiar cafe (open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, which is staffed by humanoid robots. Unlike the automatons at… Continue reading Dawn: Tokyo’s Innovative Avatar Cafe

Bionic Eyes Return Sight To The Blind

Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT), an Australian-based bioware firm, has created a groundbreaking eyewear system that can return "a sense of sight" to those who are completely blind. Thus far, the device (as yet unnamed) has been used to return a semblance of vision to four different patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative genetic eye… Continue reading Bionic Eyes Return Sight To The Blind

Following Japan, China Develops Plan For Deepsea Habitation

Following Japan's Project Ocean Spiral, China has recently released plans for a 1.1 billion yuan (160 million USD) underwater city in the Hadal Zone (6000-11,000 meters deep) of the South China Sea. The prospective habitation will be designed somewhat like a space station, with docking platforms and cutting-edge analytical equipment. In contradistinction to Ocean Spiral,… Continue reading Following Japan, China Develops Plan For Deepsea Habitation


When engaging in formal introductions with a superintelligent robot, the language you use won’t matter—even if you happen to speak in an archaic dialect or with hillbilly slang. But if your introductory remarks are something in the way of, “Well, hiya feller,” rest assured the cultural significance of your word choice and of your accent… Continue reading THE SINGULARITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: A Word About Salutations

Texni Circular, 9/28/18

Presented below is a collection of individuals --- past and present --- who have made significant contributions to the knowledge pool (directly or indirectly) of human suzerainty and whose works are, for this reason, worthy of further attention and study. Aaron Traywick (1989-2018) --- Founder of Ascendance Biomedical. A prominent life-extension activist. Sought to democratize… Continue reading Texni Circular, 9/28/18