Tatter: Chapter Eight

Previous chapter Three seconds after the doors of the medical bay closed a pistol slammed into the side of Lanning's head. He dropped like a ragdoll. Ryard stood rooted to his shadow. Fear, paralytic. He gazed to the left and beheld a large man, around six foot two, broad-shouldered, muscular, sunburnt and garbed in antiquated… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Eight

Tatter: Chapter Seven

Previous chapter The high moon illuminated the ragged men who tersely walked the parameter of the newly installed cistern, checking the moss-borne satellite jammers and scrying the far ambit of the forest through the nascent darkness. Shaded footsteps and the crack of a branch sounded in the short-distance. A tenebrous form took shape through the… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Seven

Tatter: Chapter Six

Previous chapter There was no sound within the dim-lit azure room, save the labored breaths of the captives. A man and a women knelt upon the ground, recovering from stupor, nude and bound at the neck, hands and ankles by scandium restraints, beside a great pool that stretched nearly the entire length of the room,… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Six

Tatter: Chapter Five

Previous chapter Ryard Vancing stood next to the small, compact fertilizer canisters within the near-empty agri-tech compound, looking up at the dim orange sky through the ceiling's gleamless hexagonal lattices. The local medical operator crawled up to the man with a dull clattering, its soft, flexile exoskeleton the color of shale. Voice emulator ejecting a… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Five

Tatter: Chapter Two

Previous chapter Tyser Lanning watched the transporters speed down the CAV-way through a procession of camera feeds. A pop-up on the screen. Anomalous speeds detected. He adjusted his headset and zoomed in to the still-frames of the speeding vehicle. A standard issue lev-han transporter. Kryos manufacture. He bent to the screen, typing notes out upon… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter Two

Tatter: Chapter One

The woman's body collided with metal. Something snapped. Ryard Vancing hit the emergency break. The vehicle keened like a wild beast against the somber, windswept concrete of the vast thoroughfare. Ryard's breath caught in his throat. Mind racing. He looked at the cracked windshield and then through it to the woman who lay immobile on… Continue reading Tatter: Chapter One

Venom (2018) | Review

Plot Summary Venom opens with a spaceship owned, by the biotech firm Life Foundation, blazing up in the atmosphere and crashing to Earth. Shortly after the crash it is revealed that the vessel contained several alien lifeforms called 'symbiotes.' All but one of the aliens are retrieved and the events of the crash are covered up… Continue reading Venom (2018) | Review