Invocation of Khaerrezal III

Purge all wasting from my shell, that tidal, I may over swell, the cage of stone, the plane of night; in vacuum dark past crystals slight, that I may find the wretched core, of ordained decline and boundless hoar; the primal vector; cosm's root; and there enthroned, reign absolute.


by Gale Acuff I want to go to Heaven when I die  to tell God and Jesus how full of it  they are, scheming up history that we  ordinary folks here on Earth never  made but the Father and the Son claim we did,  free will it's called, I confess I've got some,  but not enough to… Continue reading Hard-Hearted

The Seal Maiden & The Spirit Cage

"I can not." The woman declared, shaking her head, slick red locks swirling like ethereal worms. "Can not... or will not?" The shaman pressed, narrowing his dark, grey eyes, which shimmered like boiling water, full up with the light of the midday sun. "I will not." "It is my right, as it is thy duty,… Continue reading The Seal Maiden & The Spirit Cage


By Iliana Vargas (translated by Toshiya Kamei) § A seahorse poked his bluish snout out of the window. She asked him if the icy air tasted like plankton and foam. He soaked his antennae in the coffee she was drinking and drew a cloud of jellyfish on the table. Electricity in the eyes, she said.… Continue reading Oniria

Do They Play Chess In Heaven?

For as long as he could remember, Jerome Buckle wanted to be a king. "One day," he told the moon, "I will be a king and I will promote you to the rank of sun." He read every book about the dark and middle ages he could get his youthful hands on, supplied by his… Continue reading Do They Play Chess In Heaven?