Writing Prompts 9/9/18 – Cybernetics

The theme by popular vote is: cybernetics (thanks to all those who voted!)

prompt #1

The cybernetic implants had given him a new shot at life after the ravages of the war.

prompt #2

For the Psionic Gamers Union it was all fun and games til someone got mindhacked.

prompt #3

He was no longer merely a man, now he was The System. The grid, incarnate.

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Kybernan (I)

The city of Trepan hung over the Tyvaultian Sea like a great metal beast, clasping the water with it’s legs of anchors and oil derricks and docking columns and construction cranes and prodding the sky with its innumerable concrete quills. Yet this great metal beast had fallen to a slumber, for its hundred-thousand spires of twelve-dozen different minerals all stabbed the sky without exhaust and the cranes lay immobile and no vehicles dipped in and out of the thermals thereabove and no lights could, in any of the million-million windows, be seen and birds whirled everywhere upon and over all of it, nesting up with driftwood from the far isles and cawing endlessly as if in triumph over the machinations of Man. Such was the site which greeted the eyes of the man with the battered overcoat who hummed along over the liquid continent on a hand-crafted boltbike, purple-tinted spectacles girding his eyes from the sun’s ceaseless blight and the wind’s tearing fingers.

The wayfarer forded the waters with a monotonous humming and made landfall at twilight and dismounted and surveyed his surroundings.

A city of opportunity, a city of vice, a city of steel, a city of dice.

Writing Prompts 9/7/18

Theme: Creation

Prompt #1

The little thing scampered across the floor and smiled. She thought to herself, “He’s got my smile.”


Prompt #2

The artists shook his head and tossed aside the canvas. The muses were on holiday!


Prompt #3

The draftsman scanned the area where the tower used to be; after the attack, there was nothing. He determined to change all of that and sketched the faint traced outlines of a building grander and more magnificent than anything that had come before.

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