Invocation of Khaerrezal III

Purge all wasting from my shell, that tidal, I may over swell, the cage of stone, the plane of night; in vacuum dark past crystals slight, that I may find the wretched core, of ordained decline and boundless hoar; the primal vector; cosm's root; and there enthroned, reign absolute.

New Website Launched

Synnefo—which focuses on research and design in interstellar development—is now live. The first article from the site—on meta-architecture in space policy—is available here. You can follow Synnefo on twitter here.

Forging the Mappa Mundi | Part 3

(continued from part 2) Having covered general methods in part one and specific world-building approaches in part two, in this final series installment we shall be looking towards niche cartographic terminology which can be used to build upon cardinal directionality and which also serves to better elucidate the reader (or the forgetful author) as to… Continue reading Forging the Mappa Mundi | Part 3

Hawking’s Final Black Hole Research Paper: Black Hole Entropy & Soft Hair

Stephen William Hawking's final black hole research paper before his death on Einstein's birthday, Black Hole Entropy & Soft Hair, has been released via Cornell University Library. The paper was written in collaboration with Cambridge and Harvard researchers, Sasha Haco, Malcolm J. Perry and Andrew Strominger. The paper deals primarily with the conundrum know as… Continue reading Hawking’s Final Black Hole Research Paper: Black Hole Entropy & Soft Hair

Writing Prompts 9/6/18

Writing prompts - a word or sentence meant to act as the catalyst to a piece of prose or poetry - is a very useful tool for generating ideas, producing more motivation and increasing one's writing output generally. Most writing prompts, however, are just a single word, and usually, a word that can be used… Continue reading Writing Prompts 9/6/18