THE SINGULARITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Inspecting for Machine Consciousness

It may not be self-evident that your new overlord has consciousness. For all you may be able to tell, it may be no more conscious than a toaster—an omniscient toaster. Then again, its consciousness may be as built-in as yours, only with hardware, not wetware. How can you tell? Consider “What Is It Like to… Continue reading THE SINGULARITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Inspecting for Machine Consciousness


When engaging in formal introductions with a superintelligent robot, the language you use won’t matter—even if you happen to speak in an archaic dialect or with hillbilly slang. But if your introductory remarks are something in the way of, “Well, hiya feller,” rest assured the cultural significance of your word choice and of your accent… Continue reading THE SINGULARITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: A Word About Salutations


I don’t know what’s been lost to us—six hundred thousand pages is a lot of goddamn room to pack away some gems. But the question now should not simply be: What have we lost? Instead, we should also consider: What can we learn from what’s happened? I think I might have an answer to that.… Continue reading THE SINGULARITY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Preface

Nihil Futurum (Part 3)

Edelman and Power both exhibit a desire to ignore time. Both want to craft a society wherein those who do not reproduce are treated in every measure equal to those that do and both want “queer” individuals (marginalized persons) to find a space of renewal and inclusion within (or outside of) a broader societal context.… Continue reading Nihil Futurum (Part 3)

The Inevitability of Technocentrism

The term "technocentrism" refers to a value systems that places a exceedingly high premium upon technology (in some variants, to the extent that it is second only to survival itself) and continuous technological development. The first thing to say about technocentrism is that the ideology is implicit or explicit in nearly every facet of modern… Continue reading The Inevitability of Technocentrism