Early American Writings: The Pre-literary Period The first recorded piece of American writing is, by scholarly consensus, considered to be A True Relation of Virginia (1608) which was written by the prolific soldier of fortune and early leader of the Jamestown colony, John Smith (1580-1631). The book, though non-fiction and quite thoroughly English in its… Continue reading THE ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN LITERARY TRADITION (PART 2)

The Origins of the American Literary Tradition (Part 1)

Introduction How distant, my fellow Americans, is the comfort of our modern urban and suburban and, indeed, even our rural spaces to the harsh and unyielding wilderness of the colonial era. Wild tribes of vibrantly painted, bow wielding natives wary or wrathful of foreign rule, disease, starvation and the vast pitfalls of the “virgin” land,… Continue reading The Origins of the American Literary Tradition (Part 1)

The New Magisterium: A Manifesto

FOUNDATION and CREED I advocate for a new unification in the Western Arts. I do not think that this is a trivial enterprise to undertake. No mere bohemian commune or Expressionist enclave, nor some flowery garden where one can paint Monetesque water lilies to the hearts content in idyllic splendor. Rather it will be a… Continue reading The New Magisterium: A Manifesto

Unfinished Novel: Starving Light

Starving Light a novel Wasps in windows mocked him. The insect hummed relentlessly, maddeningly, against the frost tinted pane, the white skin of the world and the world burning behind it and the yellow, black scream of the helpless surging vainly towards the fire. The man watched the insect with wide eyes and a face… Continue reading Unfinished Novel: Starving Light

Raise High Thy Banner of Strife

Who is this pacifist I hear the baying crowds clangorously hail like some ostentatious and foppish sage of yore? For a certainty, whatever it is it's not a man. A man worthy of the word would never be so spineless and stupid as to adopt such a patently immoral ideology. When struck, the pacifist says,… Continue reading Raise High Thy Banner of Strife